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Start with YOU

A good employer will make their application process simple. So, it's tempting to apply to many positions very quickly and see what kind of response you get. But choosing a career is a big decision. After all, we spend so much time at work, and you might as well enjoy it. You want to make sure it's a fit for you and something you will enjoy. Direct your search inward before you turn your search outward.

  • Think about jobs, roles, or projects you've been a part of in your life.
  • Which ones did you like?
  • Which ones did you dislike?
  • Why did you like or dislike them?
  • Was it the role, or was it the environment?
  • What parts of your job were you excited about on your way to work for the day?

A little bit of self-reflection will help you make sure you find the job you love and one where you will excel.

Start with YOU

Do your Homework

Once you know what you want, you can spend more time researching the roles that may be the best fit for you. Take a look at our departments, locations, social media sites, YouTube channel, and press releases to see how you can fit into our organization.

Do your Homework

Update your Resume

By now, you are probably excited about a couple of opportunities and want to apply right away. Before you do, take a moment to look over your resume. It tells the story of your educational and professional accomplishments.

Highlight some of your successes. If you held a leadership role, share the size and achievements of your team. If you are a recent graduate or have limited work experience, include some educational projects, extra-curricular activities such as clubs, sports, or volunteer organizations. These will help highlight your skill-set. Keep it brief. One page is perfect, or two pages if you are more experienced. If your address is in one location, but you prefer to work in another area, note that as well. Don't forget to check your resume for accuracy, spelling, and grammar. Many free apps can help you with this

Update your Resume


Check out our company website and apply for the roles that interest you. You are more than welcome to apply to multiple positions, which will not hurt your chances for other jobs.



Interviews If our team feels you may be a fit for one of our roles, they will be reaching out to you. Please make sure you are reachable by ensuring your voicemail is functional, your voice mailbox is not full, checking your email regularly, and responding to text messages from our Talent Acquisition team.

The process for most roles involves a phone screening, an online assessment, and one or more virtual or in-person interviews. Positions in our technology or creative departments may include some project work.

If you are selected for a virtual or live interview, we will ask open-ended questions about real-life situations you have encountered in previous jobs. We want to see how you approach different situations and interact with customers and team members. The purpose of this is to learn how you can contribute to our culture and team dynamics.



Upon completing the process, our Talent Acquisition team will contact you via phone or email regarding our decision. If you receive an offer, our team will review compensation, benefits, start date, training plans, and the next steps in our onboarding process. If you do not receive an offer for the position you applied for, you may continue to apply for other positions that interest you



No and no. While we work with drivers all across the country, the work we do is in an office setting. If you are an owner-operator truck driver interested in doing business with Choptank, please reach out to a member of our Carrier Sales team at 800.568.2240.

If you have interviewed with us, we will let you know via email that a position was filled. However, our team may reach out to you if we find another potential match for your skills, experience, and interests.

Yes, and we encourage you to apply for anything that interests you. Please narrow your list by reviewing the qualifications and duties and applying for those positions that are a good fit for you. If selected, we want you to love your new role

We do not have deadlines for applicants to submit their resumes. However, a delayed application may mean that we hire another candidate. We don't want you to miss out on an opportunity. Don't worry about your start date. We can be flexible with that.

Our awards

We are honored that our employees consistently recognize Choptank as a great place to work both regionally and nationally. Recognition doesn't spring from any one program or practice we offer; rather, it is the result of the things we do every day.

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